1. recommended version of cura

The recommended version of CURA is 15.04.6 which can be downloaded from

https://ultimaker.com/en/products/cura-software/list .

You can also see 2.X versions, and they are DIFFERENT from 15.X versions. We do NOT recommend them yet, because they are not fully tested with LOCOOP Y yet. Please download 15.04.6, which is the latest version of 15.X versions of CURA, whatever the OS you are using is.


You can add basic property of new machine. In order to add LOCOOP Y, please do as follows.

A. Run CURA. From the top menu, select 'Machine → Add new machine' to run the Configuration Wizard. Click Next, select Other, and then click Next again. Click Custom, and then click Next.

B. Enter LOCOOP Y in the machine name, and enter 180 mm for width, 180 mm for depth, 200 mm for height, and 0.4 mm for nozzle size. Then check out Bed center is (0,0,0) and press Finish to finish.

C. After adding LOCOOP Y, additional machine setting is needed. You can select 'Machine → Machine settings' to run machine settings. Be sure that the Build area shape should be 'Circular', as shown in following image.

3. settings for basic tab

The recommended settings for basic tab is as following figure.  

Basically, you can revise the numbers as you want. However, some numbers should be in a specific region or be fixed.

Layer height: 0.05~0.3

Printing temperature: 190~220

Filament Diameter: 1.75 (should not be revised)

Nozzle size: 0.4 (should not be revised)


For the Support section, you can see there are two items, one is support type and another one is platform adhesion type.

If the area of bottom surface is narrow, you may want to add brim or raft for platform adhesion type.

4. settings for advanced tab

The recommended settings for advanced tab is as following figure.

The most important thing is 'Retraction Distance'.

Actually, we have already included an optimized number for the retraction distance. If you input other big numbers here, it can be conflict with our firmware.

So you can just input 0.01 instead of other numbers. Please fix it as 0.01.

Initial layer thickness should depend on the layer height in basic tab. We recommend same or slightly higher number of layer height for the initial layer thickness.

5. settings for 'start/end-gcode' tab

Please revise as we recommend as follows.

  - start.gcode

M109 T0 S{print_temperature}
G1 F{travel_speed}

  - end.gcode

M104 S0                     ;extruder heater off
M84                            ;steppers off

Please include just one commented line as shown above. (It is a bug of our firmware v1.0 that the first line of a g-code is not read properly. Please let g-code begins with a commented line, before we fix it.)
The other lines should be deleted or commented out.